march madness = 90’s alterna-jams

i was on a bit of a nostalgia kick this month… i present “the softer side of 90’s alternative” mix!

1. “feed the tree” by belly
2.  “here’s where the story ends” by the sundays
3. “stay (i missed you) by lisa loeb and nine stories
4. “luka” by suzanne vega
5. “wonderful” by adam ant
6. “a letter to elise” by the cure
7. “dreams” by the cranberries
8. “bittersweet” by big head todd and the monsters
9. “disarm” by the smashing pumpkins
10. “fade into you” by mazzy star
11. “everyday is like sunday” by morrissey
12. “because the night” by 10,000 maniacs

i hope these bring back some nice memories of baby doll dresses and late nights watching alternative nation with kennedy on MTV!

here’s where the story ends…

listening to the sundays on a sunday.