imperial by robin guthrie.

i go through phases with bands i like where i’ll have a “current favorite.”  this one’s definitely it right now for robin guthrie. that reverb may as well envelop me.

and yes, i heard this live last summer.  breathtaking.

soft powers - “just like tropica-L”

this is my kind of jam: tropical drums, guitars, funky synth basslines.

perfect for daydreaming on a rainy day like today.

soak it up - houses

if a tropical island escape were a song, i think it would sound like this.

check out the band’s tumblr page here.

only in my dreams - debbie gibson.

it’s gloomy today, but the summer variety of gloom, which makes it worse than usual, and the only motivation to get out of bed is so i can dance around to this song.  how did i forget how much i love this song?!? it’s a toe-tapper for sure.

erica america by saint etienne, off of good humor (subpop, 1998).

one of my favorite tracks off of one of my favorite albums.  it’s the rhythm section that gets me on this track.  love the bassline and the drumming. 

i had the pleasure of seeing saint etienne perform at the fillmore in san francisco in 2005.  i danced the night away amidst a bunch of former ravers and gay bears.  always amazing to me the kind of crowd this band draws.

gypsy and the cat - time to wander (joan of arc remix)

indeed it is!  embarking on an adventure today to see kings of convenience (!!!) and some of my favorites!

there’s something very dreamy about this track, meaning, i love it. (thanks ben for putting it on your mix!)  these guys are from australia and i don’t think they’ve released anything proper - just a few singles here and there, but i’ve enjoyed everything they’ve come up with so far!

iceblink luck -cocteau twins

closing my eyes and escaping life for a moment. 

this track comes off of the album “heaven or las vegas” (1990), which was the most commercially successful album released by cocteau twins.  it was also during the “heaven or las vegas” era that they wrote a couple of jingles for the fruitopia beverage line.  remember those fruit drinks from the 90’s?!?!  listen to those two here and here.

the black cassette - my favorite

this is one of my favorite indie pop songs ever.  and it’s by a band called my favorite, which is also one of my favorites!

unfortunately, my favorite broke up several years ago after a decade-long run.  the new project of several of the remaining members is called ‘the secret history,’ which i must admit, i haven’t really listened to much, mostly because i can’t get used to another voice singing these songs. andrea vaughn, my favorite’s chanteuse, did not continue onto the next project.

suedehead - morrissey

happy 51st birthday to the moz today!